CCE Publications
CCE Publications produces resources to support nonprofits in their effort to achieve excellence in leadership.  These publications range in format from research summaries to dialogues on current hot topics, from textbooks to resource folders of templates and other customizable materials that can be adapated to suit the needs of the agency or individual.

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Full CCE Catalog of Resources (PDF)
New: Acting in the Public Interest Anthology

Reports to the Community (PDF)
CEO Succession: An Urgent Challenge for Nonprofits
Charter Schools: Governance by Paradox
Nonprofits and Higher Education: Local Resources and Opportunities
Strategic Planning in Nonprofit Organizations: Lessons From The Field
Federal Form 990 Revisions: A Move Toward Greater Accountability & Transparency of Nonprofits (2008)

Hot Topics - Legal Dialogues (PDF)
Issues & Insights: Managing Conflicts of Interest
Issues & Insights: Managing Bad News

Answers on File Series ($25/copy)
Answers on File: Building the Board
Answers on File: Governance Assessment
Answers on File: The Board & CEO -- The Critical Parternship
Answers on File: Succession & Transition Management
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Books & Monographs
Acting in the Public Interest - An Anthology ($10)
Making a Difference: The Management and Goverment of Nonprofit Enterprises ($38)
A Great Board ($28)
Managing the Transition: Useful Board Guidelines for CEO Succession ($10)