Board Roles and Responsibilities

1) (The) Art of Board Development

Comprehensive and useful manual for boards (sponsored by the Utah Arts Council).

2) Board Development

Board development training, accountability, and governance in the Canadian Voluntary Sector (hosted by 
the United Way of Canada).

3) Failing to Govern? The Disconnect Between Theory and Reality in Nonprofit Boards, and How to Fix It

Article from Stanford Social Innovation Review (Spring 2005).

4) Guide to Not-For-Profit Advisory Boards

Many nonprofits have both governing and advisory boards. Here is a practical guide to having an effective 
advisory group.

5) Nonprofit Governance and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act

This Urban Institute report of a national survey looks at the impact of making provisions of the act 
mandatory for nonprofits.

6) New York State Charities Bureau

The bureau, under the Attorney General, is responsible for supervising charities and charitable fundraising.

7) Principles for Good Governance and Ethical Practices

A guide for charities and foundations developed by the Panel on the Nonprofit Sector (October 2007).

8) Right From the Start: Responsibilities of Directors and Officers of Not-For-Profit Corporations

A publication of the Office of the NYS Attorney General.

9) When a Business Leader Joins a Nonprofit Board

Article from Harvard Business Review (Sept-Oct 1994): How to utilize the skills of business leaders in the 
nonprofit setting. 

10) Making a Difference Appendix 5 (Ongoing Board Member Involvement -- Staying in Touch)

Excerpt from book written by Howard Berman, chair of the Center for Community Engagement.