Nonprofit Management (General)
1) Achieving Breakthrough Performance (Stanford Social Innovation Review)
Four simple management principles that can be used to guide nonprofits from mediocrity to stand-out 
stardom (SSIR Spring 2008).

2) Board Development
Board development training, accountability, and governance in the Canadian Voluntary Sector (hosted by 
the United Way of Canada).

3) Center for Community Engagement Fact Sheet
Center for Community Engagement at St. John Fisher College: Who We Are and What We Do

4) CompassPoint
Aims to help nonprofits and funders become conscious consumers of coaching as a means for leadership 
development and organizational effectiveness and to develop the coaching profession to support the 
needs of nonprofit organizations. 

5) Free Management Library: Free Tool Kit for Boards
Comprehensive online library

6) GuideStar
Gathers and publicizes information on nonprofits of value to donors and grantmakers as well as nonprofits 
themselves. Offers information and services, many of which are free. Requires (free) registration.

7) Maine Association of Nonprofits
Web site offers a wealth of information and resources for nonprofit leaders and managers.

8) More Bang for the Buck (Stanford Social Innovation Review)
How three nonprofits succeed in reducing costs without sacrificing the quality of their services (SSIR 
Spring 2008).

9) Nonprofit Management Education Center: Learner Resource Center
Resources on the web for assistance in nonprofit management and leadership issues. Annotated resources 
organized by topic (hosted by Univ. of Wisconsin).

10) Nonprofit Leadership: Making a Difference
Excerpted, with minor editing, from Making a Difference: The Management and Governance of Nonprofit 
Enterprises by Howard Berman. © 2010 by CCE Publications. All rights reserved.

11) (The) Quiet Crisis: Impact of the Economic Downturn on the Nonprofit Sector
Funded by the Kellogg Foundation, this report looks at the under-reported plight of nonprofits and makes 
recommendations for how the nation can respond.