Public Accountability, Regulation, and Tax
1) Federal Form 990 Revisions: A Move Toward Greater Transparency (Full Report)
This report details the major changes in IRS reporting requirements for nonprofits, along with a discussion 
of their implications for the leadership of these organizations. For highlights see the Summary - Federal 
Form 990 Revisions (also in this Resource Library.)

2) Federal Form 990 Revisions: A Move Toward Greater Accountability & Transparency (Summary)
This publication of the Center for Community Engagement highlights what nonprofits leaders need to know 
about revisions in the IRS report required of nonprofits.

3) GuideStar
Gathers and publicizes information on nonprofits of value to donors and grantmakers as well as nonprofits 
themselves. Offers information and services, many of which are free. Requires (free) registration.

4) Governance in Form 990
This BoardSource publication is a useful document for informing board members about the new IRS Form 
990 and its significance for them. 

5) IRS 990 Information
IRS web page providing information on the new 990 form that nonprofits will be required to file

6) NYS Charities Bureau
The bureau, under the Attorney General, is responsible for supervising charities and charitable fundraising.

7) Nonprofit Governance and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act
This Urban Institute report of a national survey looks at the impact of making provisions of the act 
mandatory for nonprofits.

8) Right From the Start: Responsibilities of Directors and Officers of Not-For-Profit Corporations
A publication of the Office of the NYS Attorney General.